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What's the CAS Number of Tungsten? - Interesting Facts of Tungsten

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CAS number of tungsten is 7440-33-7.

CAS Registry Number (CAS Registry Number or CAS number, CAS RN, CAS \\s), also known as CAS registration number, is the unique digital identification number of a substance (compound, polymer material, biological sequences, mixture or alloy). The Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a subordinate organization of the American Chemical Society, is responsible for assigning a CAS number to each substance appearing in the literature. Its purpose is to avoid the trouble of having multiple names for chemical substances and make the retrieval of the database more convenient. Nowadays, almost all chemical databases allow CAS number retrieval. For example, the CAS number of tungsten trioxide is 1314-35-8.

Wolframite (Mn,Fe)WO4 ore found in nature

Wolframite (Mn,Fe)WO4 ore found in nature

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