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What's Chemical Symbol for Tungsten? - Interesting Facts of Tungsten

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The chemical symbol of tungsten is w, which is derived from the German name wolfram.

Wolframite is named after the German word "wolf Rahm" ("wolf soot" or "wolf cream"), which was given by John Galshut Valerius in 1747. For this reason, W is used as the element symbol of tungsten instead of the T of tungsten in English, or the first or first two letters of Latin names are used as symbols for many other elements.

Chemical symbol refers to the symbol used in chemistry to indicate the composition of various elements, all substances except mixtures and their atomic numbers, and can be applied to various reaction formulas. For example, the chemical symbol of Molybdenum, which is closest to Tungsten, is Mo.

Wolframite (Mn,Fe) WO4 ore found in nature

Wolframite (Mn,Fe) WO4 ore found in nature

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