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What's Tungsten Cemented Carbide Desulfurization Nozzle?

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Cemented carbide nozzle has various specifications and is processed with raw materials. It is an environmental protection product for dust removal and decontamination of cement and other manufacturers with serious environmental dust pollution. It has a variety of atomization sheet sizes and shapes, fine atomization particle size and complete combustion. Heating furnace for oil fired boiler, industrial furnace and other special purpose heating furnace, etc. The most commonly used desulfurization nozzles in desulfurization system are spiral nozzle, SMP nozzle, vortex nozzle and pipe nozzle.

Spraying effect of Tungsten Cemented Carbide spiral nozzle

Spraying effect of Tungsten Cemented Carbide spiral nozzle

Spiral nozzle is the nozzle used in desulfurization system. With the continuous renewal of the nozzle, it is also the most practical and commonly used desulfurization nozzle from small 1/4-inch thread to large 4-inch thread. SMP nozzle, also known as MP nozzle, contains S-shaped blades. Through the guide of the blades, the layered spraying of spiral nozzle is avoided, making the spraying more uniform and comprehensive. This kind of nozzle is considered to have the best atomization effect. Vortex nozzle and large unobstructed orifice make the anti-blocking ability of desulfurization nozzle with the same size strong. Because its material is mainly silicon carbide, it is also good in corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties.

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