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Tungsten Nozzle

Tungsten nozzle can be manufactured from the material of pure tungsten, tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide. They have different prosperities, such different density, the density of pure tungsten nozzle is about 19.2~19.3g/cm3, the density of tungsten alloy nozzle is about 15-18.5g/cm3 and the density of tungsten carbide nozzle is about 14.4-1g/cm3.

The following is drawing without specifications of tungsten nozzle, which is only for reference.

tungsten nozzle

If you have the requirement on tungsten nozzle, please write us an email with drawing or call us for more detail through the following methods:


Tel.: + 86 592 5129696

Fax: + 86 592 5129797



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