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Zirconiated tungsten electrode

Zirconiated tungsten electrodes are good at the performance in AC welding, especially under high load current. These electrodes can retain a balled end when welding, which results in less tungsten permeation and good corrosion resistance.It balls up well in AC welding and has a more stable arc than pure tungsten.Especially with excellent performance in high load AC welding,it is not replacable by any other electrodes.It also resists contaminationwell in AC welding.


Zirconiated Tungsten Electrodes can not be replaced by any other electrodes in terms of its excellent performance. While welding, the end of electrode can retains globose, because of this the seep of tungsten phenomenon can be reduced.

Our technical staffs have been engaged in research and testing work and succeeded in solving the conflicts between zirconium contents and processing properties.

Trade mark









0.20 - 0.40%


The rest

2.5 - 3.0




0.70 - 0.90%


The rest

2.5 - 3.0


Characteristic: 0.8% Zirconiated Tungsten contains 0.8% Zirconium oxide that is excellent for AC welding due to favorable retention of balled end, high resistance to contamination, and good arc starting. It has the good performance of less Tungsten permeation and good corrosion resistance.

Application: Zirconiated Tungsten is most commonly used for AC welding of aluminum and magnesium alloys. Preferred when Tungsten contamination of weld is intolerable.


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