Industry Standards of Tungsten Boat for Semiconductor Devices

Tungsten boat is formed by tungsten sheet through high-pressure tungsten which has a good electrical conductivity, so it is widely used in kinescope, mirror making, toys, household appliances, mobile phones, electrical enclosure and other electronics industries. In recent years, tungsten boat for semiconductor devices has also been given considerable attention by the public. Semiconductors are crystalline or amorphous solids with distinct electrical characteristics, using special electrical characteristics to complete the specific functions of electronic device.

Development of Tungsten Crucible in China

China is one of the richest tungsten resources storage countries in the world. Therefore, as deep processing product of tungsten, tungsten crucible industry has been continuously developed in China. The main applications of tungsten crucible in China are rare earth smelting, quartz glass, electronic spraying, crystal growth, etc. Nowadays, China has a production capacity for some conventional tungsten crucible, but there still exist some problems for the high-tech products. For example, the manufacturing technique for complex shape of the tungsten crucible is relatively rare, but such products play an important role in the area of high technology. And for instance, quartz glass has been widely applied in laser technology, astronomy and sophisticated technology.

Operational Principles of Carbon Sulfur Analyzer

As a new and high-tech level analyzer, carbon sulfur analyzer is widely applied in analyzing the content of carbon and sulfur of the alloy, cast-iron, lime and other solid and fluid materials. Master and understand the main principles of carbon sulfur analyzer, which will greatly enhance the accuracy of the results. Carbon and sulfur analyzer is a high-tech product with a world leading level. It has a high accuracy and a wide measurement range when analyze carbon and sulfur. In the determination of carbon and sulfur content in carbon sulfur analyzer, people commonly consider tungsten granule as a flux to further improve the results of measurement. The operator should have knowledge about the principles of carbon sulfur analyzer in order to reduce unnecessary mistakes during operation.