Tungsten Needles

Tungsten needle is a kind of tungsten product with silver-white appearance and slender structure. It is also called tungsten pin, tungsten probe, tungsten ejecting needle or tungsten contact probe according to different usages. Its regular diameter is 0.5mm-10mm, and the length is 20mm-150mm, which is mainly customized according to actual uses.


Pure tungsten and tungsten-rhenium alloy are the main raw materials for the production of tungsten needles, so they have the physical and chemical properties of pure tungsten and tungsten-rhenium alloy. Tungsten needles have the advantages of high density, high melting point, high hardness, high tensile strength, good wear resistance, excellent ductility, excellent electrical conductivity, etc., but the corresponding tip is easy to bend or break.


Tungsten needles can be rod-shaped needles or with sharp tips at one end or at both ends according to different sharps. The pointed tungsten needles can be straight or curved. Their properties are basically the same, but their uses are slightly different.

tungsten needles phototungsten needles photo

1) Argon arc welding
2) Probe
3) Cathode emission
4) Engraving metal surfaces
5) Cutting of particles in collodion
6) Manipulation of single particles
7) Blowing of embryos and glass

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