Tungsten Rod

tungsten rod with grounded surface

Tungsten's unique properties as a high performance material, including a melting point of 3410° C, low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures and low coefficient of thermal expansion, make tungsten rod of value in a variety of high temperature products and processes. Among them are glass-to-metal seal parts and support parts for lighting and electronics, silicon rectifier stud mounts and high temperature furnace components.

We produce pure and potassium doped (WK Type) tungsten rod. The potassium doped products are targeted for use where high temperature non-sag properties are required in smaller cross sections by the lighting and electronic industries.

 tungsten rods

Availability of pure tungsten rod

Tungsten rod is manufactured as random length pieces or cut to customers' desired lengths in diameters ranging from .020 inches to .750 inches. Standard diameter and length tolerances of tungsten rod are listed in the accompanying tables. Other, closer tolerances can be quoted on request. In addition, there are three different surface processes or finishes which are provided, depending upon the desired end use.

Finished Form Specified Diameter (mm) Min.Length (mm) Diameter Tolerance
Wroughted 2.8≤d<5.0 600 +/-2%
5.0≤d<6.5 300
6.5≤d<11.0 200
Straightened 0.8≤d<1.0 1000 +/-2%
1.0≤d<3.0 800
Ground 0.8≤d<3.0 800~1000 +/-0.03 mm
3.0≤d<6.5 300~600 +/-0.03 mm
6.5≤d<10.0 200 +/-0.08 mm

Surface Condition of tungsten rod:
Black - Surface is "as swaged" or "as drawn"; retaining a coating of processing lubricants and oxides.
Cleaned - Surface is chemically cleaned to remove all lubricants and oxides.
Ground - Surface is centerless ground to remove all coating and to achieve precise diameter control.

Including pure tungsten rod, such as tungsten electrode, there also are tungsten thorium rod, tungsten lanthanium rod, tungsten cerium rod, etc. That is to say, when making tungsten rod, tungsten rod canbe added some other elements in, in order to improve some other properties of tungsten rod.

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