Barium Tungsten Electrode

barium tungsten electrode    barium tungsten electrode

Barium tungsten electrode is a high intensity discharge lamp electrode material. Barium wolfram electrode material can change the ability of low-emission of electron pure wolfram electrodes, it can increase electron emmission and electron current density, improve gas discharge lamp ignition speed, decrease electrode working temperature. Barium is a chemical element with symbol Ba and atomic number 56. It is the fifth element in Group 2, a soft silvery metallic alkaline earth metal.

Barium Tungsten Electrode Characteristic:

Barium tungsten electrodes in HID lamps having a low work function φ = 1.6ev and the current density is 10A / cm², it has a good arc performance, power output and other characteristics. Electric vacuum and laser device made by barium wolfram electrode can high repetition rate 1 ~ 40 times / sec. Barium tungsten electrode strobe and startup performance are improved significantly, it can still working below the 10% of 220V, since the emission current density of the electrode is greatly improved, so that the lamp brightness can be increased by approximately 15% .

Barium Tungsten Electrode and Pure Tungsten Electrode:

Usually an electron emitting of pure tungsten material is limited, and the electron emission current density is not high, the gas discharge lamp ignition speed is not enough, it needs higher temperature for the work.
Barium wolfram electrode can increase the electron emission electron current density, resulting in light intensity increased. It can also improve the speed of the gas discharge lamp ignition. Reducing electrode operating temperature can extended lamp life time.

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