Tungsten Academic Research

Tungsten academic research is series collection of tungsten products research.

Development and Application of Rare Earth Tungsten Alloy Electrode

This academic research elaborates tungsten alloy electrode use and development, tungsten based electrode production method, and main technology.

Research on Rare Earth Tungsten Electrode

This report introduces rare earth tungsten electrode, binary composite tungsten electrode and ternary composite tungsten electrode. In China, the electrode can be mass production with different kind and content of tungsten electrode.

Tungsten Argon Arc Re-melting Process of Camshaft

Summary high-density energy beam such as laser beam, plasma beam or arc beam for cast iron re-melting quenching excellent, shortcomings. The principle of tungsten argon arc re-melting quenching process, the principle of local re-melting quenching, the three mechanical variable speed movements, the change of current intensity and the quality control of production site are introduced.

Application of Cerium Tungsten Electrode in GTAW - PAW Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Production

In view of the fact that the cerium tungsten electrode in China welding industry is not suitable for the production of high current GTAW and PAW stainless steel welded pipe, through the years of experimental research and production practice, combined with the relevant theoretical research abroad, clarified Φ3.2 ~ 4.8mm large diameter Cerium Tungsten Electrode Parameter Conditions.

Surface Behavior and Thermal Emission Properties of Nano composite W-La2o3

The nano-W-La2O3 emission materials were prepared by liquid-liquid doping, freeze-drying, two-step reduction and SPS0 method. The surface element content and longitudinal element distribution of the emissive materials during high temperature were studied by in-situ Russian electron spectroscopy. The emission properties of the materials were tested by a self - developed microcomputer controlled automatic electron emission measurement device.

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