Tungsten Foil

Tungsten foil is made of pure tungsten with purity over 99.95%, and density of 19.2g/cm3 and with very thin thickness. This kind of foil is widely used to make parts for electricity, and raw material to produce tungsten boat. With the development of LED sapphire growth furnace, the use of tungsten foil has come to the heat resistance shielding and heat spreader.

tungsten foil tungsten foil tungsten foil

As heat generator in sapphire growth furnace, after connecting the power, current goes through, with the property of high electricity conductivity, the foil is heating, then the heat is generated.

There is another wide application for tungsten foil, which is as target in EOS. Factors influenced the target effect are thickness, surface condition, density and grain size direction. Mostly, the purity of foil used for target is 99.90%min, but with density over 19.0g/cm3 to ensure its shielding effect. The surface condition can be rough, or smooth, but regularly, the most used is electrolytic polishing.

Powder metallurgy is the method to produce tungsten foil. Mostly, the tungsten foil is forged from tungsten plate. With the process of forging, the density can get higher.


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