Tungsten Density

tungsten densitometer

Density is analyzed as volumetric mass density to describe the weight/mass per unit volume of a substance. Tungsten density is the density of tungsten metals, such as pure tungsten metal density is 19.2g/cm3. It is shorted as ρ.

Ρ=m/v. this is a method to calculate the density of solid, powder or fluid. M is mass, is the weight of substance. V is volume for substance.

For solid metal, m can be weighted by scales. V can be calculated by Archimedes principle. But this method is not suitable for density testing of tungsten in powder shape. When to calculate density of tungsten powder, a bottle 1L is used. Let powder free fall down through a mesh, into the bottle, after the bottle is full, weight the bottle, minus bottle weight, then the final weight value is density of the powder.

As for tungsten is with high density, tungsten alloy and tungsten carbide products density will be lower when the content of tungsten is lower.

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