Tungsten Packing

The most regular packing for tungsten parts is carton and box. Carton can pack goods with weight under 25kgs, and heavier one can be packed in box. Due to high density of tungsten, the weight of tungsten is always high, and box would be better and safer packing.

tungsten packed by carton  tungsten packed by box  

Tungsten with small volume or easy polluted will be packed with a layer of sealed bag before packing into carton or box, such as powder, tungsten pin, etc. Drum is used to pack high volume products, such powder, bars.

tungsten packed in sealed bag  tungsten packed in drum  

Mostly, goods are packed in pallet when quantity over 500kgs and with many small boxes, so that it can assure for whole packing to avoid missinng and easily handling. Containers are used when tungsten is arrnaged delivery by sea, which can be LCL or FCL.

tungsten packed in pallet  tungsten packed in container

Besides, the packing can be customized according to customers' requirement.

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