Tungsten Cube

Tungsten cube can be pure tungsten cube, tungsten alloy cube and tungsten carbide cube. tungsten cube

Pure tungsten cube will be mainly describing in this page. Purity of this cube is over 99.95%, density could be over 19.0g/cm3 when the size is small enough, and will be over 18.3g/cm3 when the thickness is over 20mm. The main reason for the different density is for the different manufacturing process.

tungsten cubeThe usual process is pre-sintering, swaging, sintering and swaging again. But for the thickness over 20mm, the process of swaging would not be so available, and it still could not reach the density as swaged one.

About the surface of tungsten cube, it is unground or ground, or cleaned. Unground tungsten tube is black and the black surface can be ground or cleaned. The ground one owns shining and smooth surface.

Tungsten cube is widely used for weight balance, for its high density but small volume. And it can also be cut into tungsten sheet, tungsten plate, or tungsten block for other uses.

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