Tungsten Target

Tungsten target plate is a flat rectangle of known color and brightness, fixed to the spacecraft so the instruments on the movable scan platform (cameras, infrared instrument, etc.) can point to a predictable target for calibration purposes.

tungsten target

Tungsten targets are joined to graphite substrates by a brazing method employing a controlled atmosphere and a suitable braze material such as platinum and an alloy of platinum and chromium.


Tungsten target, namely tungsten sputtering target is used as sputter target for solar, glass, LCD, LED and electrical industries.

Fixed Anode Target

The dimension of fixed anode target in our company: diameter: φ20-φ30mm; thickness:≥2mm; density:≥18.6g/cm3.

This kind of tungsten targetis made of FW-1,mainly applying to producing X-Ray tube fixed anode Target.Our company can produce other fixed anode target according to user's drawing.

Rotating-Anode Target

Our tungsten target is made of material which material Grade is FW-1, FMo-1.Products main property is:Tungsten density≥18.6g/cm3, Molybdenum≥9.8g/cm3,un-balance is less than 2cm.

1. Mo-base Tungsten Target
Dimension is φ52.5~φ100, can produce according to user's drawing.

2. Rhenium-Tungsten Target
Rhenium is well-proportioned in tungsten,so this model has more nicer machining property and high-temperature property. Products's dimension and Rhenium purity according to user's drawing.

3. Black-coating Tungsten target Target
Black-coating Target is a kind of new products which has a kind of black-coating on molybdenum base,produced by our company in recent years.Now no other company can produce this products at home.This target has more nicer efficiency of heat-radiation and reduce the time of heat-sinking,so this products has more longer life.We can produce various black-coating Target according to user's requirement.

4. This target is used as CT-Ray Rotating-Anode target,now we can manage braze-technique expertly and this products' quality has reached the advanced level in the world. 


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