High Purity Tungsten Granule

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High Purity Tungsten Granule

High purity tungsten granule refers to highly pure tungsten-based flux. Metal tungsten is processed into fine particles, particle size 20-40 mesh with high purity of 99.99%. It mainly applied in the high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer and the results are very stable. Currently combustion method to measure the carbon and sulfur, many factors affect the stability of the analysis results. Wherein the flux has a greater impact on the measurement results of the stability samples. Select the appropriate flux, adding an appropriate amount will accelerate the oxidation of the molten sample, it can increase the rate of release of carbon and sulfur.


High purity tungsten granule is infrared carbon sulfur analyzer to help reduce the melting point of the combustion products, to promote the release of carbon and sulfur. In the production of tungsten products, alloy contacts, high proportion alloy, carbide, tungsten carbide and other alloying additives are processed into granule to used for wear resistance and grinding industry. High purity tungsten granule helps to reduce the melting point of combustion to promote the release of carbon and sulfur.

Basic Parameter

Name: High Purity Tungsten Granule
Shape: Granular
Alias: High Purity Tungsten Flux
Content ≥: 99.99 (%)
Impurity Content: 0.01 (%)
Weight: 0.1 (kg/block)

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