Tungsten Rod

tungsten rod


Tungsten rod is made of metal powder at a specific high temperature, by a special high-temperature powder metallurgy technology. Such tungsten rod has low thermal expansion coefficient of material, and good thermal conductivity. Under high temperatures conditions, tungsten rod has a high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient of the material.

Manufacturing Processes

Manufacturing processes of tungsten rod can be divided into machining and pressure processing.
Machining is any of various processes in which a piece of raw material is cut into a desired final shape and size by a controlled material-removal process. Machining is a part of the manufacture of many metal products, but it can also be used on materials such as wood, plastic, ceramic, and composites. Machining is generally divided into single-piece production, bulk production and mass production.
Pressure processing is to reach 100% elongation after forging, and then continue to deformation of 200% after that, entering the drawing. Usually produced by powder metallurgy: milling - pressing - sintering.


The content of tungsten rod is more that 99.95% wolfram. Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is a chemical element with symbol W and atomic number 74. A hard, rare metal under standard conditions when uncombined, tungsten is found naturally on Earth almost exclusively in chemical compounds. Tungsten's many alloys have numerous applications, including incandescent light bulb filaments, X-ray tubes (as both the filament and target), electrodes in TIG welding, superalloys, and radiation shielding.


Because of special properties, such as low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity, sufficient anti-resistance, high modulus of elasticity, tungsten rod is widely used in various fields, such as support line, lead-in wire, printer pin, various electrodes and quartz furnace, filament, high-speed tool, car auto products, sputtering targets.

Surface Color

1, The surface of the sintering tungsten rod is silver gray metallic luster.
2, Forging tungsten rod surface had oxide layer, and the color is black.
3, Polishing tungsten rod is silver gray metallic luster.

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