Tungsten Copper and LED

What does LED stand for?

Light emitting diode (LED) is a display or lighting technology used in electrical and electronic products. May also be used in multimode fibers, optical mice and laser-class printers.

The reduced form factor of the tungsten LED is made possible by a revolutionary new light engine. ASP research developed a Patent Pending technology, which produces 70 lumens (Tungsten 1) to 90 lumens (Tungsten 2) of brilliant white, prefocused light. (Note to reader: These are conservative measuresA constant current driver is combined with a mathematically precise collimating cone to achieve unparalleled output.)
Advanced optics is coupled with precision-machined high strength aerospace aluminum. All surfaces are then anodized with a proprietary satin black hard coat finish. Powered by high density, leak proof CR123A Lithium power cells, the Tungsten provides 1.5 hours (Tungsten 1) to 3 hours (Tungsten 2) of continuous illumination with a ten-year shelf life. The domed lens and tri-mode Switch Assembly are both o-ring sealed.

Tungsten LED Flashlight

Specifications: Tungsten 1 Tungsten 2
Length: 3.5" / 88.9 mm 5.3" / 134.6mm
Diameter .83" / 21.2 mm .83" 21.2mm
Weight w/Battery: 2.0oz / 56.7 grams 3.2oz / 90.7gr
System: 3-Volt 6-Volt
LED Output: 90 Lumens 120 lumens
Flashlight Output: 70 Lumes 90 lumens
Run Time:

1.5 Hours

3 Hours

The tungsten is blindingly bright, yet totally secure. A center locking position guards against accidental activation. Turned to the right, the switch provides constant illumination. The tungsten LED is with innovative design, unparalleled performance, patent pending optics and Tri-mode switching.  

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