Tungsten Copper Dart

Today's standard material of tungsten barrel is Tungsten-Nickel-Iron. Tungsten is a very dense material, so darts with a considerable weight can be made quite slim. However, before the tungsten revolution darts were mainly made of brass.

tungsten copper dart picture tungsten copper dart picture

Not only has the density of tungsten and anti-wrestling, while a brass color, tungsten copper dart has become the choice of many people.

Tungsten copper dart is a much softer material. To show the color of brass, they generally with about 70%~80% tungsten content. Some darters, especially old-timers, like the grip of these darts as the metal surface develops microscopic pits after they have been thrown for a while.  Tungsten copper darts have become much less common in recent years, with Nickel/Tungsten darts becoming the primary type of high-density darts.

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