Tungsten Copper Heat Sink

Tungsten copper high performance composites are fabricated from carefully controlled porous tungsten that is vacuum infiltrated with molten copper. This results in a W/Cu composite that has high conductivity and a matched low thermal expansion for heat sinks.

Tungsten copper heat sink is a composite of tungsten and copper. By controlling the content of tungsten, we can design its coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), matching that of the materials, such as Ceramics (Al2O3, BeO), Semiconductors (Si), Kovar, etc.

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Tungsten copper heat sink owns high thermal conductivity, excellent hermeticity, excellent size control, surface finish and flatness, semi-finished or finished (Ni/Au plated) products available.

Properties of WCu and MoCu heat materials

Properties of WCu and MoCu heat materials

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