Tungsten Copper Golf Weight

What is tungsten heavy alloy golf weight?

A golf club head includes one or more balance weights for swing balancing the golf club. The balance weight is selected from a plurality of balance weights and mounted in a weight cavity formed in the golf club head.
Tungsten alloy is now well known as the best material for this significant role of golf club balance weight. You can have a general impression for how tungsten alloy is applied to balance the golf club's better control from the below pictures demonstration.  

Tungsten copper golf weight attachment Tungsten copper golf weight attachment Tungsten copper golf weight attachment tungsten gopper glf weight attachment


Material Composition(%) Density (g/cm³) Electrical Conductivity Hardness RWMA
CuW55 55W:45Cu 12.3 49% IACS 76 HRB 10
CuW60 60W:40Cu 12.75 47% IACS 82HRB  
CuW65 65W:35Cu 13.3 44% IACS 88HRB  
CuW70 70W:30Cu 13.8 42% IACS 94HRB 11
CuW75 75W:25Cu 14.5 38% IACS 98HRB 12
CuW80 80W:20Cu 15.15 34% IACS 109HRB  

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