IG Tungsten Filament

The full name of IG tungsten filament is ion source gun tungsten filament. IG tungsten filament is made of thin tungsten wire and small size. They are used in the coating system.

IG tungsten filament The filament at the left is one design of IG tungsten filament (ion source gun tungsten filament) with double hooks at the both ends, and its diameter is 0.23mm.
In the electron beam ion source , a fast, dense, electron beam interacts with cold ions trapped in an electrostatic well. Ions are confined radially by the potential well in the electron beam and axially by electrostatic mirrors. Ions accumulated in the trap can be expelled by lowering the potential of one end of the trap. As the interaction time between hot electrons and ions depends on the electron energy and the source length, for highly charged ions this time is necessarily short. Thus high density, and hence high current density, electron beams are required. In practice of the order of 1000A/cm2 is needed. As normal thermionic cathodes are usually limited to less than 100A/cm2 some form of beam compression is needed, and to maintain this beam against space charge forces the source is normally immersed in a solenoidal magnetic field. IG tungsten filament operation system

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