Non-sag Tungsten Wire

non-sag tungsten wire

Definition of Non-sag tungsten

Non-sag tungsten is tungsten doped with the element of K (potassium) or other elements to achieve the effect of non-sag of the tungsten wire. Doping with K can form bubbles in tungsten wire, which can prevent the recrystallization of the tungsten wire. And they are also responsible for their outstanding low resistance of non-sag tungsten at high temperatures of a glowing lamp filament. About 90% of non-sag tungsten is used in incandescent lamps.




Definition of non-sag tungsten wire

Non-sag tungsten wire is applied the material of non-sag tungsten so that the tungsten wire shares the properties of non-sag tungsten. They can be less shakable when used in light sources or heating elements for the dopant material used in non-sag tungsten wire.

non-sag tungsten wire

Application of non-sag tungsten wire

Car and motorbike lamps are one of the most important applications of non-sag tungsten wire. When used non-sag tungsten wire as filament in such bulbs, the wire can have the most effective effects for the cars and motorbikes to achieve stable light from the lamps. The application in incandescent lamps has the same effects.






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