Cleaned Tungsten Wire

Cleaned tungsten wire is raised foreign elements and graphite from black tungsten wire. Cleaned tungsten wire is the surface of electrolytic polished tungsten wire,it shall be smooth, clean, gray silver with metal luster. The tungsten wire features excellent formability, long life and super lighting efficiency. Mainly applied for making various electron tubes, H series auto lamp, halogen lamp and other special lamp.

cleaned tungsten wire

Classification of cleaned tungsten wire:

Classification Type Surface condition Fine Tungsten Wire Tungsten Wire
Dia. µ Weight
Normal STW91, STW71, STW61, STW31 Electrolytic cleaned, polished 12~350 0.42~371.19 0.35~1.5
Straightened STW91, STW71, STW61 Electrolytic cleaned, polished and straightened 57.5~257 10~200 ----

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