Doped Tungsten Wire

Doping in blue tungsten oxide or tungsten oxide mixed with trace K2O, Al2O. And SiO2. Doped tungsten wire, performance is better than ordinary tungsten wire, widely used in microwave ovens, television , welding materials, special lighting.

Adding tungsten rhenium can significantly improve the ductility (plastic ) and recrystallization temperature. Some tungsten rhenium alloy after appropriate annealing treatment, the extension rate of 5% , much higher than pure tungsten higher. Adding Tungsten thorium oxide (ThO2) the formation of tungsten thorium alloy with high thermal electron emission ability, can be used as hot cathode tube, welding electrodes, but the long-term radioactive ThO2 not been resolved.

doped tungsten wire

Doped tungsten wire lengthy production processes, including tungsten metallurgy, powder metallurgy and metal forming system of billet main stage.

Advantages of doped tungsten wires

W31: W31 wires are standard doped tungsten wires with excellent non-sagging properties.

W91: W91 wires are non-sagging wires developed for higher-temperature use than W31 wires. They are suitable for halogen lamp filaments. Doped tungsten wire has higher non-sagging properties by maintaining inter-granular strength and suppressing void production at elevated temperatures by reducing the impurities content using our own technology.

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