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tungsten wiretungsten wire applied in medical devices

Tungsten wire for medical use is a high quality fine and precision wire, which uses tungsten with the highest melting point and high tensile strength among all refractory metals as raw materials. Since the density of this material is 19.3 times that of water, which is comparable to uranium and gold, this high density means high absorption of radioactive radiation and X-rays.

The use of tungsten in the medical industry also benefits from other excellent properties: good electrical conductivity, about 30% of copper; good thermal conductivity, about 43% of copper; low thermal expansion coefficient; highest tensile strength of all metals at temperatures above 1650; exceptionally low specific heat, combined with good thermal conductivity, meaning that the metal heats and cools very quickly.

Tungsten wires have been used in medical devices for many years and will continue to play an inestimable role in medical application where current is used and accuracy is critical. For example, it can be used in cauterization medical technology to reduce bleeding and skin tissue burns, and has the advantages of non-adhesion, light pain, and quick recovery; used in electrosurgery, high-frequency current can be directly applied to biological tissues, enabling surgeons to accurately cut, coagulate, dry, or remove tissues with limited blood loss.

Tungsten made wires can be directly used in medical equipment, such as the cathode of an X-ray tube. It can also be further processed into electrode wires, straight probes, conical solid probes, or can be bent into tungsten wire loops and used as cutting tools. The high melting point of tungsten can maintain its shape and will not bend or deform at the temperature required for surgery, in order to effectively cut and cauterize tissues.

After in-depth densification treatment, the internal structure of the wire is uniform and dense with good quality. At the same time, the surface layer has undergone special process treatment, and there is no residual graphite layer, which can meet the medical implementation standards and will not be harmful to the human body.

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