Tungsten Wire Application - Iodine Tungsten Lamp

white tungsten wire  iodine tungsten lamp

Tungsten wire application is iodine tungsten lamp. A small amount of tungsten wire are used as a high-temperature furnace heating material, the heater tubes and composites ribs endures, most of them are used as the electrode of incandescent and halogen lamp filament and a gas discharge lamp. Tungsten wire is mad of tungsten bar by forging and drawing, which is mainly used for incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and other electric light source. Iodine tungsten lamp has high brightness and long-life time. Ordinary iodine lamp is used as a light source for cinematography, stage, factories, buildings, squares and so on.

Iodine Lamp Principle:

Incandescent lamps are filled with iodine vapor, and iodine vapor at this time would compound with tungsten, and then decomposit at a high temperature, which would compound tungsten located in other parts of the the tube, then exploded on the filament, such filament does not burn fast because of the hot.

Iodine Lamp and Incandescent Lamp:

Iodine lamp is not only reduces the amount of evaporation of tungsten, but also extend the life time, increasing the operating temperature and luminous efficiency. The life time of iodine lamp is longer than that of incandescent lamp, and the luminous efficiency is increased by 30%. From the aspect of size, the iodine lamp is particularly small. Its bulb not only has iodine, but also fills with the inert gas, small and strong, inflation pressure is up to 1.5 to 10 atmospheres.

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