Tungsten Diamond Wire

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Tungsten wire, with its high melting point, low coefficient of thermal expansion, low vapor pressure, useful electrical and thermal conductivity, is widely used in lighting, electronics, and thermocouples. At the same time, it has the characteristics of thin diameter and high tensile strength, so it can be used in high-precision cutting industries such as semiconductors.

For cutting, the diamond wire with tungsten wire as the busbar has good mechanical properties, and the cutting speed and effect will also be greatly improved. It is suitable for processing high, hard and brittle materials, such as silicon wafers, cemented carbide, optical glass, metal ceramics, magnetic materials, stone, etc.

What is Tungsten Diamond Wire?

Tungsten diamond wire or tungsten fund steel wire, also known as tungsten wire rope, tungsten diamond cutting line, or tungsten fund line, is a kind of pure tungsten wire or doped tungsten wire as the bus of diamond wire. It is a cutting line composed of pure tungsten wire or doped tungsten wire, pre-nickel plating layer, sanding nickel layer, and sanding nickel layer.

The regular size of tungsten diamond wire ranges from φ35μm to φ45μm. With the thinning of diamond wire saw, tungsten wire breaks through the bottleneck of wire diameter and has excellent performance. It is expected to replace almost all forms of diamond wire cutting materials and become the main material for photovoltaic silicon material and semiconductor silicon material cutting, and will be widely used in consumer electronics, automotive industry, new materials, instrumentation and other fields.

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