Blank Tungsten Rod

wolfram rod


Blank tungsten rods are those workpiece which have not yet been processed, after a subsequent forging, sintering processes, it can be made into the final product. The selection of the type of blank affects manufacturing process and cost, which is closely related to the machining process and machining quality, which requires blank manufacturing and machining processes both in close cooperate with operators, reasonably determine the type of blank, structural shapes, and draw the blank drawing. In order to ensure the quality of the final product.


Blank is raw material, it can also mean that a part before unfinished. Shape and size of blank are determined by the shape, structure, size and allowances of the main parts and other factors, and it should close to the part as far as possible to reduce amount of labour in machining.

Application in Military Affairs

When the aircraft arrived over the target, it would quickly deliver ammunition. Modern ammunition is not the same with previous one, which is very heavy. Modern fighter cannot carry so much explosive, therefore, people use a kind of metallic rod made by wolfram, which is a tungsten rod. From tens of kilometers, hundreds of kilometers of height, running out of a small rod with extremely high speed, which is enough to make a destroyer, an aircraft carrier sank. So wolfram rod play an important role in military affairs.

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