Sintered Tungsten Bar

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Sintered Tungsten Bar

Sintered tungsten bar can be used for the preparation of tungsten wire, so far, most of the factory still using vertical sintering method. It is in immersion bell. There is no equipment to hold the heat in bell,a large amount of heat are used for water heating, hot water needs cooling, so this process will consume a lot of power. Temperature field gradient of this method is relatively large, resulting in the density of the same batch of tungsten grain size and porosity are different, and that both ends of the billet density is very low, it must be removed.

Manufacturing Process

The indirect heating sintering method can solve these problems to a certain extent, and it can improve the quality of the billet, which has a good energy saving effect. In 1976, the intermediate frequency induction sintering furnace has been developed, which can meet the requirements of the uniform temperature field for the indirect sintering of sintered tungsten bar. It uses the tungsten tube as the heating body, and zirconium oxide as heat insulation materials, both of them constitute a heat sealing body, heat produced by electric energy would be concentrated in the middle of the furnace for sintering tungsten bar, and to maintain a uniform temperature field.

The transverse and longitudinal properties of the sintered tungsten bar prepared by this method can be consistent, which can also have uniform and fine microstructure. The density of the two ends of the billet is not very different from the rest, so there is no need to remove it. This process is environmentally friendly. The preparation of tungsten products by indirect heating of intermediate frequency induction furnace can not only ensure the stability of its quality, but also can save the resources and has function of environmental protection.

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