Forged Tungsten Bar

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Forged Tungsten Bar

Forged tungsten bar is silver-gray metallic luster, mainly used in processing car shaving heads, lighting equipment and a variety of heat conducting body. Forged tungsten bar made by forged mechanical pressure on the metal blank to produce plastic deformation in order to obtain a certain mechanical properties, shape and size. Precision forgings made by axial closed-die forging rolling process has good performance with less material, and allows a small amount of machining reserved. Compared with conventional hot forging, this process provide a better economic benefits. Forged tungsten bar strength is greater than the casting because it is obtained by repeatedly suppressed and then it has a continuous fiber. But forging shape by this method is relatively simple.

Basic Parameter

Other Elements ≤ Fe 0.004 Al 0.001 Si 0.0017 Mg 0.0006
Ca 0.001 Ni 0.001 O 0.002 C 0.002
P 0.0008 N 0.0015 Pb 0.0001 Bi 0.0001
Sn 0.0001 Sb 0.001 As 0.001 Mo 0.008

Specification: 12mm * 12mm * (300-350)mm
Packaging: Wooden packaging
Wooden Specification: (400±6)mm * (165±6)mm * (130±6) mm
Packing Quantity: 35/box
Box N.W.: (29-31.5)kg/box
Weight: (800-1000)g

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