Tungsten Rod Application - Space Test

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Tungsten Rod Application - Space Testing

Tungsten rod application is for space testing. In G.I.Joe: Retaliation film, a large tungsten rod is released by terrorists on the satellite in space for testing, dozens of tons with free-fall, bomb the whole city of London, totally dependent on the tungsten rod kinetic energy. It is said that humans developed “God Stick” from 2012, and plan to complete it in 2025. The system consists of two satellite platform located in low orbit, of which a satellite is equipped with a metal rod called the “God Stick”, the metal rod is made of tungsten, titanium or uranium metal, 30 cm in diameter, 6.1 meters long, weighing several tons. “God Stick” space-based kinetic energy weapon system is launched from space, this high-density metal rod can get huge kinetic energy with satellite guidance, small rocket and freefall. It hit the target with meteor speed (39000km / h), it has powerful attack capability with a wide range of combat. This kind of tungsten rod can attach the target accurately in any palce at any time.

This type of a tungsten rod is designed to be slightly pointed shape, which can reduce the air resistance and the loss of kinetic energy when reaches the ground. It is pushed by a small rocket booster, it can provide more precise thrust in outer space. Guidance system is mainly to change the direction of flight, to ensure that tungsten rod can hit the target accurately.

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