Ground Tungsten Rod

ground tungsten rod

Ground Tungsten Rod

Ground tungsten rod surface is a silver-gray metallic luster without significant oxidation, stratification, cracks, burrs and longitudinal surface cracks and other defects. It has a high density, high melting point, small size, high wear resistance, high hardness and elongation and high temperature and other excellent features. Therefore, it is mainly used in grid side rod bracket, leads wire, electrodes materials. Tungsten rod can be divided into forged tungsten rod, sintered tungsten rod, ground tungsten rod. Remove burrs, rust, scratches, soldering seam, blowhole, oxide skin and other macro-scale defects of the metal surface by rotating special grinding wheel (or ribbon) to improve the evenness of the product. Polishing process is suitable for all metals and some non-metallic materials. After polishing process, the surface of the tungsten rod would not have cracks but smoother with better quality. Ground tungsten rod made by Chinatugnten Online (Xiamen) Manu. & Sales Corp. has a uniform interior tissue, fine grain size, no cracks, no gaps and with good handling characteristics.

Basic Information

Specifications: dia (2mm ~ 100mm) * L, it can also be produced in accordance to customers requirements.
Chemical Composition: W: ≥99.92%.
Product Category: Ground Tungsten Rod.
Grade: W1, W2.
Packing: Packaged by PE EPE material individually in a wooden box, filled excess void.
Application: Tungsten wire, cathode, grid side rod, electrode outlet and electrodes;
Technical Conditions: GB/T 4187-84, GB/T 4186-84.

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