Tungsten Ball

Tungsten ball is the general term for pure tungsten ball, tungsten alloy ball and tungsten carbide ball.

Pure tungsten ball is used the material of pure tungsten whose density is over 19.2g/cm3, and it is the highest density among tungsten balls. Another reason for applicator using pure tungsten ball is that tungsten ball has the highest melting point.

Tungsten alloy ball is tungsten ball alloy with Ni and Fe, or other metal element to improve other properties of tungsten, such as to make unbrittle and easy to be processed. Tungsten alloy ball can be marked words on the ball, but pure tungsten ball has no such properties.

tungsten ball

Tungsten carbide ball is the hardest among tungsten balls and used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required; in such applications as bearings, ball screws, valves, flowmeters. TC balls are also used for coining and pivots, detents and tips for gages and tracers. Decimal-inch size tungsten carbide balls are widely used for ballizing or whole sizing. TC balls are also used for gauging and checking.

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