Tungsten Granule CS Testing – Conductivity Method

tungsten granule CS analysis - conductivity method image

Used tungsten granule as catalyst, and conductivity method to test carbon and sulfur content is accurate, quick, and sensitive. This method is widely used in testing low content carbon and sulfur.

Use steel as an example to explain this method.

Under 1250~1350 high temperature put steel sample into oxygen atmosphere and burn. The elements of C and S will change to CO2 and SO2. Let the mixed gases into SO2 absorber, the gas will react with re-acid potassium, then sulfate can be made. The solution conductivity value will be changed after the reaction. After that, inflow the remained gas into C absorber, which will react with NaOH and change to Na2CO3 for conductivity value changed. Last, use conductivity method to test the change value and calculate the percentage of carbon and sulfur.

The reaction processes are

Conductivity method is widely used for testing carbon and sulfur content of alloy steel, high temperature alloy, stainless steel, rare earth ductile iron and other tens alloy.

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