Tungsten Granule Carbon and Sulfur Content

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The application of tungsten granule is as flux for testing carbon and sulfur, so the content of granule C and S should be the less the better. Or the sample testing result will be not exact. C≤0.0008% and S≤0.0005% are two idea data for tungsten flux.

Carbon and sulfur are two important factors to judge the quality of steel and iron. Content of iron carbon is over 2%, but steel is under 2%. Carbon content of steel over 0.6% is called high-carbon steel, 0.25%~0.60% is medium carbon steel, and under 0.25% is low carbon steel. Content less than 0.03% is called industrial pure iron.

   Carbon is a main element in steel, which will influence the quality a lot. The increasing of carbon content will lead to increase of steel hardness and strength, but decease toughness and ductility. On the contrast, the going down of C content will result in lower down hardness and strength, but high ductility and toughness.

Sulfur is a harmful to steel, which will lower down steel quality, mechanical properties, erosive resistance and weldability. At 1000℃, S will be FeS and make steel cracking, so the lifetime of steel will be decreasing a lot. Therefore, the content of sulfur required as low as possible. Common steel requires sulfur content under 0.050%, tool steel under 0.045%, and high quality steel 0.020%.

It is because of the importance of carbon and sulfur, the testing result of C and S will be a significant value to judge the quality of steel. Tungsten granule is only used for accelerating the testing speed, its carbon and sulfur content should not influence the testing result.

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