Tungsten Granule CS Analyzer Electric Arc Furnace Operation Caution

tungsten granule CS analyzer electric arc furnace image

Operation processes of tungsten granule CS analyzer electric arc furnace:

1. Electric arc furnace should use high-purity oxygen combustion. Oxygen must be used in accordance with the safe operation of oxygen operating procedures as "oxygen first, then gas". Adjust oxygen as 0.04Mpa. Adjust the flow meter flow rate to 100L / h. Oxygen supply system for oxygen should be from the oxygen valve.
2. Connect the power cord, if the shell has a very weak live, should be connected to a safe bottom line and then electric pen detection. Make the arc furnace crucible seat and the shell is not charged, then operator can operate the electric arc furnace.
3. After the arc burner work, the crucible and crucible seat temperature is high, avoid hand touch. And then press the arc button, make sure not touch the combustion system.
4. Should be used according to the ammeter on the surface of the box, adjust the electrode rod end of the crucible within the sample gap (4-8mm). when finding the meter reading is very small or no reading after pressing the "arc" button means the gap is too large, if the reading is too large or beyond the limits of the scope, then adjust in time.
5. Under normal opeation, each time to be lit, as long as click the "arc" button instantly, hands off, sample burned. If press over one time, but still not ignite, should check the pole on the sample gap. Do not press the "arc" button for a long time or components will be burned.
6. Test the application of 3-4 curve tables, if a single standard sample should be similar to the test sample content is similar. Otherwise the deviation will occurred for calculation problem.

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