Tungsten Granule CS Analyzer Solution Preparation

tungsten granule CS analyzer solution preparation image

CS analyzer is an instrument to test content of C and S. tungsten granule is used an adding element to accelerate the reaction speed. In the testing process, solution is an indispensable test agent. Following will introduce the preparation method of the solution.

Preparation of sulfur testing solution
Reagents: Hydrogen peroxide (30%), sulfuric acid (1 +85), sodium hydroxide (4%), methyl red / bromocresol green mixed indicator (called methyl red, bromocresol 0.4g respectively 250ml ethanol dissolved in the combined storage.)

Preparation of sulfur absorbent solution
After cooling with 1 liter of distilled water, add 20ml of hydrogen peroxide (30%), 20ml of mixed indicator, 2 drops of sulfuric acid (1 +85), and then dilute to 2 liters with boiling distilled water. The solution should be red.

Preparation of sulfur calibration solution
With 6ml of sodium hydroxide (4%), diluted with boiling distilled water to 2 liters, shake aside. (About 0.003 equivalents of sodium hydroxide)

Preparation of carbon testing solution
Reagent: Potassium hydroxide (50%) is stored in plastic bottles, thymol phthalide (0.5%) ethanol solution, ethanol (95%), ethanolamine, glycerol

Carbon absorption solution preparation
Add 500ml ethanol (95%), 30ml ethanolamine, 10ml thymolphthalein, 20ml glycerol (summer may not add), diluted with ethanol to a solution of potassium hydroxide (50%) (test steel 5ml / l, iron 10ml / l) 1L, shake, storage.

Carbon calibration solution preparation is the same as absorption solution.

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