Tungsten Granule CS Testing – Weight Method

tungsten granule CS analysis - weight method image

Weight method is an accurate calculating method for testing carbon and sulfur contents. Carbon testing is always using alkali asbestos to absorb CO2 and calculate the value by difference. Sulfur testing is using wet method; sample is under decomposition and oxidation by applying acid and change into sulfate. Add BaCl2 into sulfate and react into barium sulfate, use tungsten granule as flux, go through processes of precipitation, filtration, washing, and burning, weight and calculate the weight of sulfur.

The testing speed is very slow, so that it is not used in cooperate spot CS testing, but its testing result is accurate, so it is still acceptable in labs and research institute.

Operation cautions when using weight method:
1. Proper sample quantity.
2. Precipitant can not volatile should be used proper quantity, by over 20~30%.
3. Adding precipitant should be slow for making large particle.
4. Precipitate filtration and cleaning use pouring method, which should be along glass rod.
5. Precipitate drying and burning should do according to the designed temperature.

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