Tungsten Granule CS Testing – Gas Volumetric Method

tungsten granule CS analysis - infrared detection method image

Gas volumetri method is a method for testing content of C and S by using tungsten granule as catalyst. Mostly, gas volumetric method and non-aqueous titration method are used to test carbon, and iodometry and acid base titration method are for sulfur test. These methods are two most popular ones in China. The standards used for this method are GB223.69-97and GB223.68-97, which can be found the full content as following. It is a quick method that only takes 45 seconds for a result. The acceptable content is under 0.050% for carbon and under 0.005% for sulfur.

Two standards for testing carbon and sulfur:
GB223.69 Iron, steel and alloy - determination of carbon contents – Gas-volumetric method for combustion in the pipe furnace
GB223.68 Methods for chemical analysis of iron, steel and alloy, the potassium iodate titration method after combustion in the pipe furnace for the determination of sulfur content

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