Tungsten Granule CS Analyzer Operation Caution

tungsten granule CS analyzer image

Use tungsten granule as catalyst for CS analyzer, the operation cautions of the analyzer are

1. Change sulfur absorption solution under flowing oxygen.
2. CS analyzer is using carbon and sulfur joint testing. CO2 first and then SO2. Titration should be carbon first, the upper part of the absorption cup to keep blue, in order to prevent carbon from running out. Set carbon to the end and then set sulfur. Sulfur set to near the end for a while, and then slowly set to the end, or the quantity of sulfur will easy overdose.
3. Keep instrument away from acid, alkaline and other corrosive gases.
4. Keep temperature 10~30℃ and humidity under 75%.
5. After the analysis of the sample, the sulfur absorption solution should be dropped, and added new solution to the same volume, to prevent carbon absorption solution from suction. If there is suction occurred, the bottle should be cleared or the sulfur testing will be lower than expected in next testing.
6. Power off analyzer according to the processes. Do not power off directly, or data may lose.

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