Tungsten Granule CS Analyzer Operation Process

tungsten granule CS analyzer image

Operation process of tungsten granule CS analyzer:

1. Turn on power and oxygen, adjust oxygen output to 0.04MPa.
2. Connect the electric arc furnace power line, the inlet and outlet pipes with the specified power source, low pressure oxygen and test equipment. The crucible seat and the electric arc furnace shell are not energized.
3. Add adding element I, II and sample to the crucible, and then add III. The upper part of the crucible is clamped by the crucible holder to move into the crucible holder. Add reagent.
4. Lift crucible and make bottom of crucible match with seals.
5. Connect electricity.
6. Open the "front oxygen" "after control" switches, and adjust the flow meter flow rate of 100L / h.
7. Press the Arc Start button (time 0.2-0.5s) to burn the sample.
8. Titration sulfur absorption solution, the sulfur absorption liquid color was bright green, the titration consumption of the volume recorded ml.
9. Continue testing, drop half of sulfur absorption solution and add half of new solution. Finish testing, drop all sulfur absorption solution.
10. Turn off "front oxygen", until the meter float down to the bottom, and then close the "after control", remove the crucible, pour the residue.
11. Sulfur absorption solution in each measurement should be titrated to show green.
12. S content = standard sample S content / standard consuming solution volume * sample consuming solution volume.

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