Tungsten Granule Production Process

Tungsten granule, namely tungsten catalyst, is a main product branch of tungsten metals. The production method for it is also powder metallurgy, and can be produced from existed tungsten bar or raw material of tungsten powder.

tungsten bar image      tungsten granule image

Granule made of tungsten bar includes higher impurities of Al, Si, K or others for the bar is decided to draw tungsten wire, and the elements are used for increasing properties of wire. So the quality is lower than producing from tungsten powder. Tungsten granule made by tungsten powder is with higher purity and lower C, S content, but higher cost.

The abstract production process is
1. Pressing. Press tungsten powder to tungsten bar.
2. Sintering. Sinter pressed tungsten bar.
3. Swaging. Swage tungsten bar to rods, increase the properties of tungsten granule.
4. Cracking. Crack rods into granule.
5. Sieving. Sieve to find out matched sizes.

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