3.0 Tungsten Electrode

3.0 lanthanum tungsten electrode    

3.0 Lanthanum tungsten electrode are introduced in the eighties in the 1980s in European countries to replace thorium tungsten product.Its excellent welding performance attaches much attentionat in the international welding industry.
The most lanthanum tungsten electrode containing 2% lanthanum oxide(La203). In Europe and Japan, in most applications, lanthanum tungsten electrode has been the most commonly used to replace thorium tungsten electrode. Lanthanum oxide has the lowest electron work function and the lowest tip temperatureit, it is easy to arc, which helps prevent grain growth to improve service life.

3.0 Cerium tungsten electrode has no radioactive contamination, it is a green product, it can easily arc by small current, and dimensional arc current is also smaller. At low current DC conditions, cerium tungsten electrode is popular, especially in pipes, small fine parts and stainless steel products welding.


2)Length:150mm, 175mm. Other lengths can be customized.

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