Tungsten Electrode Vocabulary

Tungsten electrode vocabulary includes the words and terms used in welding process.

1. Metal welding
Operation whcih unifies metal(s) by means of heat or pressure, or both, in such a way that there is continuity in the nature of the metal(s) which has (have) been joined.

2. Welding with pressure
Welding in which sufficient outer force is applieed to cause more or less plastic deformation of both faying surfaces, generally without the addition of filler metal.

3. Fusion welding
Welding without application of outer force in which the faying surface(s) has (have) to be molten, usually, but not necessarily, molten filler metal is added.

4. Surfacing (by welding) Producing a layer of metal, by welding, on a workpiece to obtain desired properties or dimensions.

5. Joining (by welding)
Producing a permanent connection between two or more workpieces by welding.

6. Energy carrier
Physical phenomenon which provides the energy required for welding either by transmission to or by transformation within the workpiece(s).

More about tungsten electrode vocabulary, please visit ISO 857-1-1998 Metal Welding Process Vocabulary.

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