Barium Tungsten Electrode Application

xenon lamp barium tungsten electrode

Thanks to ultra-high electron emission capability and the electron emission electron current density, low work function, excellent gas discharge lamp ignition speed. Barium tungsten electrode enjoy the great popular once it was launched. In addition, its operating temperature of the electrodes is low, it has no radioactive hazard, and has anti-toxic properties.


1. Because that barium tungsten electrodes have the above excellent characteristics, this electrode is widely used in optoelectronics, beacon identification, target tracking, stage and dance show effects, film screenings video, laser mercury pump, medical treatment positioning and light military weapons and other fields.

2.Ba-W electrode work function is low (φ = 1.6ev), current density is larger (10A / cm2), which has good starting performance with large energy output, so it is mainly used in HID lamps. In addition, due to the lower work function performance, barium tungsten electrodes are often made into electric vacuum and laser device.

3. What's more, because the high current density of the electrode emmission, the luminance strobe light can be improved about 15%. At the same time, stroboscopic lamp made by barium tungsten electrode has a long life time, up to 500 million times, and it will not have leak, chain lightning and other undesirable phenomena in the use of flash.

4. Barium tungsten electrode is also applied to xenon lamp. A xenon lamp is a specialized type of gas discharge lamp, an electric light that produces light by passing electricity through ionized xenon gas at high pressure.
5. This electrode can also be used as an electron source.

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