Minimally Invasive Tungsten Needle Electrode

minimally invasive tungsten needle electrode

Precision and accuracy of minimally invasive wolfram needle has always been an essential tool for highly difficult operative approach, its ultra-fine tungsten tip can be used in a variety of muscle space. Early in the 19th century, Smith-Peterson approach (DAA) had been reported. With increasing of minimally invasive surgery in the past decade, people think highly of operative approach. Stryker minimally invasive wolfram needle electrode benefits the doctors who explore the DAA approach. Minimally invasive wolfram needle can facilitate the use of DAA and reduces complications, avoid intraoperative muscle damage, reduce postoperative pain, accelerate postoperative recovery, reaching a better clinical effect.
Minimally invasive wolfram needle electrode can reduce surgical injury, shorten the operation time, and improve the postoperative recovery, accelerate cutting speed. What's more, it has high blood coagulation efficiency with safe operation.


Bare tip length is only 3mm, the tip is made of tungsten (melting point above 3400℃). Radius of curvature of the tip is less than or equal to 10 μm, and the discharge position is concentrated and the power is small. Conical tip design change the direction in 360 degrees at any time.

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