Tungsten Electrode Application - Cobalt Base Welding

tungsten electrode application cobalt base welding

Tungsten electrode application is cobalt base welding. Cobalt base alloy is an cemented carbide which can resistant to various types of wear and corrosion and high temperature oxidation. It is commonly known as cobalt chromium tungsten (molybdenum) alloy or stellite alloy (Stellite alloy Elwood Hayness invented by the Americans in 1907).

The main component of cobalt base alloy is cobalt, it also include a number of nickel, chromium, tungsten, and a small amount of molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, titanium, lanthanum and other alloying elements, sometimes also contain an alloy of iron. Depending on the different alloy composition, they can use for hardfacing, thermal spraying, spray and other processes.
It can be divided into wear-resistant cobalt-based alloys, cobalt based alloys high-temperature abrasion and water resistant alloy.

Cobalt base alloy is cast cobalt chromium tungsten alloy hardfacing material, which can be made into wire, it can also be made into spherical powder. Welding using non-consumable electrode (GTAW), tungsten material is cerium tungsten electrodes(Table 1).

Wire Diameter
Argon Flow Rates L/min Nozzle Diameter mm Tungsten Electrode Diameter mm Current Polarity Welding Speed
∅4.0 160~210 12~16 8~13 ∅10 ∅2.4 Direct connection 10~16 ≤20

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