How to Order Tungsten Electrodes

Tungsten Electrodes Classifications
Chinatungsten Online tungsten electrodes includes pure tungsten electrodes, cerium tungsten electrodes, thorium tungsten electrodes, lanthanum tungsten electrodes, zirconium tungsten electrodes, yttrium tungsten electrodes and composite tungsten electrodes.

Cerium Tungsten Electrode  Thoriated tungsten electrode  

Tungsten Electrodes Dimensions
The most popular dimensions of tungsten electrodes are

Classification Grade Content Tip Color How to Order
Pure tungsten electrodes WP 99.95%min W Green Order

Cerium tungsten electrodes WC10 0.8~1.2%Ce2O3 Pink
WC20 1.8~2.2%Ce2O3 Grey
Thorium tungsten electrodes WT10 0.8~1.2%Th2O3 Yellow
WT20 1.8~2.2%Th2O3 Red
Lanthanum tungsten electrodes WL10 0.8~1.2%La2O3 Black
WL15 1.3~17%La2O3 Gold
WL20 1.8~2.2%La2O3 Blue
Zirconium tungsten electrodes WZ3 0.2~0.4%ZrO2 Brown
WZ8 0.7~0.9%ZrO2 White
Yttrium tungsten electrodes WY20 1.8~2.2%YO2 Blue
Composite tungsten electrodes WX X Cyan

Tungsten Electrodes Tolerances and Density
The most regular tolerances of tungsten electrodes Chinatungsten Online manufactured is with +/-0.1mm in diameter and +/-1.0 in length. If you have more strict tolerance requirement, kindly email us for further discussion.
The theoretical density is 19.2g/cm3.

Tungsten Electrodes Surface Condition
Tungsten electrodes can be manufactured with ground and polished surface.

Tungsten Electrodes Abstract Manufacturing Process
Tungsten electrodes are made through powder metallurgy, and going through processes of pressing, sintering, swaging, cutting, grounding, cleaning and coloring.

Tungsten Electrodes Packing
Tungsten electrodes is packed in plastic box with 10pcs in one.

Tungsten Electrodes Marking
Chinatungsten sticks its own marking or without marking on the packing, if you have got your grade design, kindly send it for us and we would like to discuss it further.

Tungsten Electrodes Delivery
Chinatungsten always deliver its tungsten electrodes by TNT, DHL, FEDEX when gross weight is under 45kgs, between 45kgs~1000kgs, deliver by air, and over 1000kgs by sea. But there are some special points, such as 30kgs to Taiwan by air would be economical than by express. One point to be assured that Chinatungsten will calculate all the cost and provide the most reasonable one for clients.

If there is any interest in tungsten electrode, please feel free to contact us through the following methods.
Tel.: +86 592 512 9696/+86 592 512 9595/+86 592 512 7878
Fax:+86 592 512 9797

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