Tungsten Electrode Welded Metals

Lots of metals can use tungsten electrode to be welded. Following are several types of these metals. The current should be suitable chosen. tungsten electrode image

Type A: Aluminum and its alloy
Type B: Magnesium and its alloy
Type C: Non-alloy steels and low alloy steels
Type D: Stainless Steel
Type E: Copper
Type F: Bronze
Type G: Aluminum bronze
Type H: Silicon bronze
Type I: Nickel and its alloys
Type J: Titanium and its alloys

Types of metal to be
Direct Current Alternating current
Electrode negative - Electrode positive +
Type A (T≤2.5mm) Acceptable Acceptable Best
Type A (T≥2.5mm) Acceptable N.R Best
Type B N.R Acceptable Best
Type C Best N.R N.R
Type D Best N.R N.R
Type E Best N.R N.R
Type F Best N.R Acceptable
Type G Acceptable N.R Best
Type H Best N.R N.R
Type I Best N.R Acceptable
Type J Best N.R Acceptable

(N.R means not recommended.)

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